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ColloquiaHow to survive a mass extinction: insights from fern gametophytesEmily Sessa
ColloquiaA target-capture approach to reconstruction of allopolyploid origins in the Physcomitrium pyriforme species complexNikisha Patel
ColloquiaAlma Stokey's (1877-1968) Botanical Legacy: Digitizing and Analyzing her Fern Gametophyte Illustration CollectionJames Watkins
ColloquiaFrom tropics to temperate: Uncovering global trends in fern gametophyte ecophysiologychristopher krieg
ColloquiaEcological strategies of fern gametophytes in the dry chaparral understory of southern CaliforniaHelen Holmlund
ColloquiaThe conflict between gametophyte parents and sporophyte offspring: examining morphological evolution across moss species with different sexual systemsJessica Budke
ColloquiaNew Directions in Fern Gametophyte BiologySally Chambers
ColloquiaNew frontiers in hornwort researchFay-Wei Li
ColloquiaExploring the fern life cycle: gene expression patterns between gametophytes and sporophytes and sex determination in fernsEmily Kim
ColloquiaThe role of mixed-ploidy in adaptation and maladaptation of Andropogon gerardi populationsAlyssa Phillips
ColloquiaPlant polyploidy in duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza) alters the outcome of herbivoryHannah Rose Assour
ColloquiaUnraveling theoretical expectations of mixed-cytotype autopolyploid populationsShelly Gaynor
ColloquiaExamining How Plant Genome Size Variation and Nutrient Additions Structure Insect Herbivory and Fungal Pathogen Damage Patterns Across an Environmental GradientHailee Petosky
ColloquiaWhen is it based upon genome size per se?Erika Hersch-Green
ColloquiaFrom transcriptomes to traits: investigating the role of resource allocation tradeoffs in the invasion success of tetraploid Solidago giganteaAngela Walczyk
ColloquiaThe Ferns of Colombia Project: Accelerating Lineage Discovery to Document Neotropical Fern DiversityAlejandra Vasco
ColloquiaAerophores in fernsRobbin Moran
ColloquiaA TALE of Two Genes: Evolution of KNOX and BELL in Ferns and LycophytesElissa Sorojsrisom
ColloquiaNew records of hemiepiphytes in ferns and their implications for the evolution of epiphytismDavid Barrington
ColloquiaNeotropical Pteridology: A Dedication to Robbin MoranAlejandra Vasco
ColloquiaTaxonomic revision of the Petiolatum Clade (Elaphoglossum, Dryopteridaceae)Ana Martinez
ColloquiaPhylogenetic relationships and character evolution of the subulate-scaled species of Elaphoglossum (Dryopteridaceae)Fernando Matos
ColloquiaEcophysiology and life-history of the primary hemiepiphytic fern Lomariopsis vestita (Lomariopsidaceae) in Costa RicaJames Watkins
ColloquiaRobbin C. Moran: Research and impact on ferns and peopleBlanca León
ColloquiaDo bryophyte and lichen conservation rankings and efforts mirror each other in North America?Jessica Allen
ColloquiaUnofficially rare lichens are rarely officially rareRikke Reese Næsborg
ColloquiaExploring sympatric populations of Sphagnum magellanicum complex in North America and DNA barcoding evaluation for species identificationMarta Nieto-Lugilde
ColloquiaA comprehensive conservation assessment for the old-growth specklebelly lichen, Pseudocyphellaria rainierensisStephen Sharrett
ColloquiaA practical, confidence-based method for obtaining research-ready, machine learning derived trait data from herbarium specimensPatrick Sweeney
ColloquiaIntegrating herbarium specimen data and outreach to inform species distributions and botanical research at the Jepson Herbarium, UC BerkeleyNina House
ColloquiaTwo centuries of climate change in the genomes of Arabidopsis thaliana.Lúa López
ColloquiaNew features in Symbiota-based herbarium portals for data discovery and useKatie Pearson
ColloquiaTranscriptome data from six-month-old dried tissue highlights patterns of gene flow across the Dominican RepublicJoseph Walker
DiscussionThe importance of ethnobotany to Cherokee womenCatherine Philips
DiscussionNSF Information Session and Q&AJudy Stone
Oral PaperFieldPrism: tools to rapidly collect, curate, and process field imagesWill Weaver
Oral PaperLinking phenotype, genotype and environmental data from museum specimens in the Prunus serotina (black cherry) species complexRichie Hodel
Oral PaperPhenological shifts across the invaded range of Blue Mustard (Chorispora tenella, Brassicaceae)Kathryn Turner
Oral PaperExtending Specimens: Integrating iNaturalist Observations into SymbiotaJames Mickley
Oral PaperSpatial Phylogenetics of Vascular Plants in the South-Central U.S.Sierra Hubbard
Oral PaperSpatial Phylogenetics of Vascular Plants in the South-Central U.S.Sierra Hubbard
Oral PaperFrom leaves to labels: building modular machine learning networks for rapid herbarium specimen analysis with LeafMachine2Will Weaver
Oral PaperAnnouncing the eDNA Explorer web tool for managers and researchers to process and share eDNA qPCR and metabarcoding projectsRachel Meyer
Oral PaperNondestructive estimation and evolution of arid-associated traits from herbarium specimensAaron Lee
Oral PaperBest Practices and Guidelines for Digitized Lichen Herbarium SpecimensEli Denzer
Oral Papershortcomings in data infrastructure prevent effective tracking of plant invasionsKelsey Brock
Oral PaperIntroducing A species information and identification system for the Flora of HawaiiTimothy Gallaher
Oral PaperDatabase upgrade, digitization, and increasing accessibility of the Atlanta Botanical Garden Plant CollectionsLauren Eserman-Campbell
Oral PaperHumans in the Loop: Citizen science and machine learning synergies for overcoming herbarium digitization bottlenecksRobert Guralnick
Oral PaperNew objectives of the the Herbarium of Economic Botany of Ecuador (QUSF)Hugo Valdebenito
Oral PaperReconstructing the biogeographic history of three widespread manzanita (Arctostaphylos) species of western North AmericaGlen Morrison
Oral PaperBiogeography and diversification of the Southern Andean Loasa (Loasaceae)Dylan Cohen
Oral PaperMorphological variation and geographic distribution in Hillia subg. Hillia (Rubiaceae): Dissecting a species complexLaymon Ball
Oral PaperCalifornia's Native Trees and Their Use in the Urban ForestCami Pawlak
Oral PaperExploring patterns of lichen diversity across scalesKlara Scharnagl
Oral PaperForest type and burn severity affect understory response to historic wildfiresKate Weimer
Oral PaperPhylogenetic diversity and regionalization of the mimosoid clade: Drivers of diversity in dry tropical forestRyan Folk
Oral PaperNiche overlap and differentiation in Leavenworthia, a genus of rare, glade-endemic plantsKyle Simpson
Oral PaperMontane speciation in the Greater Antilles – Melastomataceae as a test caseLucas Majure
Oral PaperLeaf Evolution in the Hawaiian LobeliadsJeff Rose
Oral Paperareas of endemism of plants in the U.S.A.Anna Saghatelyan
Oral PaperClimatic niche differentiation of African acacias (Senegalia, Vachellia; Fabaceae)Joseph Charboneau
Oral PaperLessons on gypsophile gene flow from the Chihuahuan DesertMichael Moore
Oral PaperSpectral phylogeography in live oaks across the tropical-temperate divideMariana Hernandez_Leal
Oral PaperExploring the Impact of Last Glacial Maximum on the Demographic History of Asarum caudigerumLei Zuo
Oral PaperBiogeographic history, floral morphology, and realized climatic niche of the Neotropical genus PalicoureaAna Maria Bedoya
Oral PaperThe END of Vaccinium as we know it? A comprehensive phylogenomic and biogeographic investigation of the blueberry tribe (Vaccinieae)Anna Becker
Oral PaperModeling dispersal potential of American amphitropical distributed speciesJohn Schenk
Oral PaperBiogeography and Evolution of the Iconic and Endangered Mascarene HibiscusBrock Mashburn
Oral PaperThis is a test to see if there's a URL or ID givenRob Brandt
Oral PaperBiogeography, phylogeography, and disjunctions in the Florida Panhandle: A center of diversity and endemism within a biodiversity hotspot.Elizabeth White
Oral PaperEast Asian-North American disjunctions and relationships in Nepetinae (Lamiaceae)Bryan Drew
Oral PaperThe spatial, historical, and evolutionary correlates of hybridization in vascular plantsLydia Morley
Oral PaperThe Phylogeny and Biogeography of Neotropical Bellflowers Centropogon subgenus Centropogon (Campanulaceae)Janet Mansaray
Oral PaperExamining phylogenetic (dis)agreement with migration route hypotheses in tarflowers (Bejaria, Ericaceae)Senna Robeson
Oral PaperIdentifying the drivers of range limitation using transplant gardens within and beyond the range edge of sexual and apomictic Townsendia hookeri reveals signatures of dispersal and niche limitationJeannette Whitton
Oral PaperMicrohistories of Botany 1: Where in the World Was Charles Wilkins Short?Jordan Teisher
Oral PaperTimothy E. Wilcox: Army Surgeon, Botanist, and NaturalistBarbara Ertter
Oral PaperMicrohistories of Botany 3: Going Meta with Metadata--Herbarium labels as digitized paper trails of historyRichard McCourt
Oral PaperHerbaria and Gardens: A Fertile Past, Present, and FutureMaura Flannery
Oral PaperThe mycological discoveries of Swiss naturalist Jean-Frédéric Chaillet (1747-1839) in the works of Christian Hendrik Persoon (1761-1836) document the early understanding of European fungal diversityJason Grant
Oral PaperReconstitution and valorization of a regional scientific and historical heritage: The herbarium of flowering plants collected Jean-Frédéric Chaillet (1747-1839) in SwitzerlandJason Grant
Oral PaperMicrohistories of Botany 2: The World of José Francisco Correia da Serra and the Herbarium of Charles Wilkins ShortHeather Sharkey
Oral Paper155 years of Botany at Emporia State University: a Case Study of College Botany in the U.S.Marshall Sundberg
Oral PaperUncovering women botanists in New England’s Botanical HistoryLisa Delissio
Oral PaperHidden Cargo: Death, Survival, and Dispersion of Ballast-Associated Plant Species in the Northeastern USARyan Schmidt
Oral PaperCustom-made regional DNA barcode databases increase successful specimen identification of lichen-forming fungiMichael Kerr
Oral PaperThe Sphagnum cuspidatum complex: phylogeny, species delimitation, and morphologySean Robinson
Oral PaperDigitizing the bryophyte and lichen collections of the University of Florida herbarium (FLAS)Alan Franck
Oral PaperMolecular and phenotypic study put eastern North American Cetrelia in a global context of biogeography and phylogenyJeremy Howland
Oral PaperIntraspecific variability in heat stress tolerance across and within habitats in the tropical plant Marchantia inflexaHansika Herath
Oral PaperBisexuality is associated with increased diversification and allopatry in mossesKatie Sanbonmatsu
Oral PaperA Potential Symbiosis of Nitrogen-Fixing Bacterial Endophytes and Their Bryophyte HostsBlair Young
Oral PaperA New Era of Collections-based Bryology at the University of British Columbia Herbarium (UBC)G Karen Golinski
Oral PaperAsexual Offspring Germination is Dependent on Water Vapor and Source HabitatDavid McLetchie
Oral PaperGymnomitrion as a treasure trove for bryophilous ascomycetes: new discoveries and a refined understanding of distributions across western North AmericaW. Cuyler Bleecker
Oral PaperInternal and external biotic factors drive patterns of lichen species richness in the imperiled Southern Appalachian Biodiversity HotspotJames Lendemer
Oral PaperBiocrust responses to wildfires without livestock grazingHeather Root
Oral PaperImperiled wanderlust lichens in steppe habitats of western North America comprise geographically structured mycobiont lineages and a reversal sexual to reproduction within this asexual cladeSteven Leavitt
Oral PaperUntangling Aquatic Transitions and Interspecific Relationships in the Moss Genus FissidensJulia Butler
Oral PaperMicroclimate and substrate shape lichen community composition and functional diversity in the foothills of the Southern Rocky MountainsJacob Watts
Oral PaperFlying First Class: Lichen Dispersal By Icelandic Migratory BirdsCarly Russell
Oral PaperA Preliminary Bryophyte Flora of Henry W. Coe State ParkJohn McLaughlin
Oral PaperSounding the alarm: Rare lichens may be rapidly declining in the Pacific NorthwestJesse Miller
Oral PaperGenome skimming and protein biotyping as tools for plant identification.Leonardo Galindo Gonzalez
Oral PaperThe Open Green Genomes Initiative Jim Leebens-Mack
Oral PaperA novel loss of photosynthesis in fully mycoheterotrophic Afrothismia (Dioscoreales), and its effect on plastid genome evolutionNathaniel Klimpert
Oral PaperMADS-box genes in Carex (Cyperaceae)Seungyeon Lee
Oral PaperRNA-seq study revealed difference in drought-tolerant mechanisms in various Pelargonium geophytes.Noorpreet Kaur
Oral PaperA gall-inducing herbivore influences transcriptome-wide changes in tall goldenrod (Solidago altissima L.)Robert Witkowski
Oral PaperMorus rubra L (Moraceae) Chloroplast Genome Sequencing and Phylogenomic Analysis of the Genus Morus Madhav Nepal
Oral PaperComparative analysis of grass defense responses to Poacea-adapted and generalist Lepidopteran herbivoresKate Eastman
Oral Paperlichen PKS genesJulia Gerasimova
Oral PaperGenetic cascades driving developmental desicions from single-cell transcriptomicsPhilip Shushkov
Oral PaperComparative expression of genes involved in regulating nectar composition across species of Aquilegia with different animal pollinatorsMaria Alcaraz
Oral PaperGenomic comparison of freezer stored DNA to herbarium sheet DNA in diverse Hawaiian taxaEdward McAssey
Oral PaperEvolution of flooding tolerance in maize relativesSontosh Deb
Oral PaperSex determination is complicated: Exploring the genomic architecture of sexual dimorphism in the meadow-rues (Thalictrum, Ranunculaceae)Melody Sain
Oral PaperDifferentially expressed genes and signatures of selection highlight the genetic underpinnings of floral syndromes in multiple species of Calochortus (Liliaceae)Jacob Landis
Oral PaperPleiotropy and adaptation in the silverleaf sunflower, Helianthus argophyllusUZEZI OKINEDO
Oral PaperSubgenome-dominant expression and alternative splicing in response to Sclerotinia infection in polyploid Brassica napus and progenitorsKeith Adams
Oral PaperGene co-expression networks across phylogeny in the study of C4 photosynthesisR. Shawn Abrahams
Oral PaperTranscriptomics and metabolomics in the field: analysis of flavonoid biosynthesis across a latitudinal gradientChloe Drummond
Oral PaperHybridization, ploidy, and genome size variation in the toxic alga Prymnesium parvumJen Wisecaver
Oral PaperPopulation genomic study of Astragalus magdalenae var. peirsoniiCarrie Kiel
Oral PaperConservation and Paleoclimate Applications of the Endangered Dawn Redwood: New Directions Based Upon Enhanced Paleobotanical TechniquesJosh Turner
Oral PaperConservation of Nigerian TreesTemitope Onuminya
Oral PaperQuantifying Research Effort for California’s Flora: Evidence of bias against rare plants in literature and sequence dataKieran Althaus
Oral PaperResilient Restoration: Drought Resilience Amongst Southern California Quercus agrifolia Populations on Tribal LandsAlexandra Hoff
Oral PaperInvestigating Local Adaptation and Plasticity of Heteromeles arbutifolia using a Common Garden ApproachLaurel Thomas
Oral PaperDo Ferns Matter? Azolla Story.Mwihaki John
Oral PaperWhere are they now? What Happened to the plants first proposed for listing under the Endangered Species Act?Linda Howard
Oral PaperConservation and systematics of the critically endangered Nipomo Mesa lupine, Lupinus nipomensisGregory Wahlert
Oral PaperPopulation genomics of island mallow, Malva assurgentiflora (Malvaceae)Kristen Hasenstab-Lehman
Oral PaperA first look at genetic diversity in several narrow endemic, and one widespread, manzanita species, with implications for conservation.Glen Morrison
Oral PaperDeveloping a common garden array to test adaptive genetic variation in priority restoration forb species in the Great Basin of the United StatesFrancis Kilkenny
Oral PaperUsing Ecological Niche Modeling to better understand Pediomelum aromaticum a threatened Utah plantIan Eggleston
Oral PaperOnce thought extinct, conservation genetics of a critically endangered thistle (Cirsium hydrophilum, Asteraceae) of the San Francisco Bay Area, California reveals genetic diversityJason Cantley
Oral PaperA comprehensive methodological guide for seed conservation of orchidsNamrata Pradhan
Oral PaperOrchids for peace: Reconciliation and sustainable development of communities of the Andean-Amazonian foothillsTatiana Arias
Oral PaperUrban forest gaps across scales from 0.6 – 5.18 hectares are dominated by invasive species in a New Jersey national park.Steven Handel
Oral PaperDistribution patterns and ecological niche modelling of endemic plant genus Stemonoporus in Sri Lankamalith viduranga
Oral PaperConservation Genetics and the Maintenance of Flower Color Polymorphisms in Non-model system Erythranthe discolor (Phrymaceae)Selena Vengco
Oral PaperGrassland habitat suitability in North America for long-term restoration successSantosh Rana Magar
Oral PaperUsing environmental niche modeling and next generation sequencing to understand the factors promoting endemism of the critically-imperiled, hybrid Florida Pondweed (Potamogeton floridanus)Kaitlyn Sampson
Oral PaperThreats on the horizon: Conserving rare plant species in the American West using the Endangered Species Act and other advocacy tools for scientistsNaomi Fraga
Oral PaperConservation genomics and species delimitation in the threatened Magnolia pyramidataLauren Eserman-Campbell
Oral PaperConservation genetics of the imperiled Mountain Purple Pitcherplant, Sarracenia purpurea var. montanaAmanda Carmichael
Oral PaperFire management after farming can recover phylogenetic structure of former longleaf grasslandNatali Ramirez-Bullon
Oral PaperOne is the loneliest number: identifying and prioritizing plants of one known occurrence for conservation actionWesley Knapp
Oral PaperHigh prevalence of clonal reproduction and low genetic diversity in Scutellaria floridana, a federally threatened Florida-endemic mintRichard Moore
Oral PaperGetting our feet wet to bypass collection bias in Neotropical rivers: research in riverweeds (Podostemaceae) and its implications on conservation of threatened ecosystemsAna Maria Bedoya
Oral PaperPatterns of genetic diversity within the endangered worm-vine orchid Vanilla barbellata (Orchidaceae) in south Florida and the West Indies have implications for conservationKen Cameron
Oral PaperDevelopments in the race to conserve critically endangered Florida ziziphus (Pseudoziziphus celata; Rhamnaceae)Sterling Herron
Oral PaperThe complete chloroplast genome of "loche" squash (Cucurbita moschata) and its comparative analysis with other relative speciesCarlos Arbizu
Oral PaperConservation and Sustainable use of Crop Wild Relatives for Food SecuritySatishkumar Khadia
Oral PaperPlant agro-biodiversity for the sustainable development of mountain areas: the case of ItalyLuca Giupponi
Oral PaperThe genomic origin of cultivated vanillaPaige Ellestad
Oral PaperEarly leaf shape variation in Brassica oleracea morphotypes and their wild relativesMakenzie Mabry
Oral PaperThe Next Era of Crop Domestication Starts NowEmily Warschefsky
Oral PaperChromosome-level and phased diploid genome assembly of the Andean tuber crop Ullucus tuberosus (Basellaceae: Caryophyllales)Romulo Segovia
Oral PaperDevelopment and evolution of self-organizing pigmentation patterns in monkeyflowersYaowu Yuan
Oral PaperVirus induced over expression (VOX) in the ranunculid Thalictrum thalictroides supports a novel role for a MIXTA-like ortholog in stigmatic papillae during the evolution of wind pollinationVeronica Di Stilio
Oral PaperInterspecific variation in the resting bud morphologies of Juglandoideae—a winter’s tale?Kristel Schoonderwoerd
Oral PaperAssessment of the flowering genetic regulatory network in tropical orchids with different lifeformsYesenia Madrigal
Oral PaperThe alteration to vegetative growth and gene expression supports the use of a novel aerial bulbil in Mimulus gemmiparus for reproductionDeannah Neupert
Oral PaperThe ontogeny of disparity in Cupressaceae seed conesStepfan Huntsman
Oral PaperA New Anatomical Examination of the Fern Onoclea sensibilisJames L Seago
Oral PaperAuxin signaling during early shoot development in hybrid poplarRachel Spicer
Oral PaperPreformation: Could development be the missing piece to flowering phenology?Lindsey Kollmer
Oral Paper2D and 3D visualization of herbaceous plant-plant contact zones using High Resolution X-ray Computed Tomography (HRXCT)Hildah Kithinji
Oral PaperGenetics and development of nectaries in CleomaceaeJocelyn Hall
Oral PaperTo Fuse or not to Fuse: Investigating the Evolution and Development of Floral Fusion in the ZingiberalesHeather Phillips
Oral PaperA Morphological and Phylogenetic Comparative approach to investigating Branching Architecture Evolution in MonocotsJesus Martinez-Gomez
Oral PaperMicrometers of variation: Pollen morphology of a Castilleja species complexMagdalene Lo
Oral PaperCandidate genes underlying nectary development in banana and asparagusIrene Liao
Oral PaperEvolution of development of Serjania (Sapindaceae) stem anatomyYanã Rizzieri
Oral PaperBeyond lobed: molecular phylogeny and evolution of development of stem anatomies in the small genus Urvillea (Paullinieae, Sapindaceae)Israel Cunha Neto
Oral PaperHow ectopic cambia form: Insights from the convergent evolution of successive cambiaIsrael Cunha Neto
Oral PaperEvolution of the phloem genetic toolkit in plantsRafael da Silva Cruz
Oral PaperHow teff (Eragrostis tef) lets go of its fruitsElizabeth Kellogg
Oral PaperPollination syndromes and patterns of disparity in MelastomataceaeConstantin Kopper
Oral PaperLatitude and Urbanization, Do They Matter? Investigating Morphological Plant Trait Change in Cities of Eastern North AmericaMegan King
Oral PaperNatural Abundance of Isotopic in Ficus Species and Their Response to the Addition of Environmental Change Factors (N And P)Rong Huang
Oral PaperInvestigating the Turnover in Plant Species Biodiversity on Gypsum Soil OutcropsLilly Osterday
Oral PaperDisjunct populations of a hemi-epiphytic orchid (Vanilla trigonocarpa) show segregation of mycorrhizal nichesSHAN WONG
Oral Papersexual dichromatism in cactusNiveditha Ramadoss
Oral PaperCreating ecosystem extent accounts to understand land use change in Irish forestsFrancesco Martini
Oral PaperPollination and herbivory differ across Abronia fragrans (Nyctaginaceae) populations but not between floral morphs: a reciprocal transplant experimentSierra Jaeger
Oral PaperInvestigating the eco-evolutionary causes and consequences of plant species rarity with meta-analysesJennifer Boyd
Oral PaperCanopy coverage delays flowering phenology but does not reduce seed set for an herbaceous perennial in a subalpine meadowScott Nordstrom
Oral PaperVariation in phenological responses of wind-pollinated dioecious plantsYingying Xie
Oral PaperForestry bias in provenance literature limits guidance for restoration seed sourcing under climate changeJessamine Finch
Oral PaperIndividual and interactive effects of white-tailed deer and woody invasive plants on native tree seedlings in an early successional forestDavid Gorchov
Oral PaperPost-eradication transitions and dynamics of Santa Cruz Island vegetation communitiesAnnie Meeder
Oral PaperPlant polyploidy in duckweed (Spirodela polyrhiza) alters the outcome of herbivoryHannah Rose Assour
Oral PaperFire response and flammability across 20 C4 grassesDylan Schwilk
Oral PaperUsing climatic niches to plan climate-resilient urban forestsNatalie Love
Oral PaperThe Little Mustard That Could: Is Phenotypic Plasticity Associated with Colonization Success in Arabidopsis thaliana?Maya Shamsid-Deen
Oral PaperSniffing out the link between nitrogen and floral scentJanelle Bohey
Oral PaperEvaluating the Effect of Anthropogenic Nitrogen Fertilization on Litter Decomposition, Microbial Community abundance, activity and Nutrient Cycling in Forest EcosystemsIhsan Muhammad
Oral PaperCommunity analyses of remnant forests in Shelby Co., TN reveal potential eastern old-growth forestRobert Laport
Oral PaperInvestigating the function of the awn and its role in invasion success of Microstegium vimineum (stiltgrass)Lauren Kosslow
Oral PaperSeasonal Dynamics of Endomycorrhizal Fungi in Two Congeneric Orchid Species from Southwest ChinaXiaoyin Wang
Oral PaperInvestigating the function of the awn and its role in invasion success of Microstegium vimineum (stiltgrass)Lauren Kosslow
Oral PaperA Meta-Analysis of Seed Germination Responses to Photoperiod, Light Intensity and QualityYamin JIA
Oral PaperLeafing, flowering, and fruiting phenology of tropical montane forests in Central Highland of VietnamAi Nagahama
Oral PaperComparing long-term patterns of spread of co-occurring native and invasive plants in a regenerating forestMatthew Yamamoto
Oral PaperAlpine plant responses to human trampling disturbance in the Nch'kay Region (Garibaldi Provincial Park, British Columbia)Philippa Stone
Oral PaperCharacterizing the climatic and edaphic niches of the Temperate North American Clade of AsclepiasDavid Kunkel
Oral PaperSpatial, seasonal, and environmental phytochemical variation in a Great Lakes invasive aquatic plantLinden Taylor
Oral PaperUsing Genetically Defined Traits to Predict Competitive Interactions between Microstegium vimineum GenotypesCynthia Huebner
Oral PaperSpatiotemporal patterns of leaf morphological traits are driven by climate and linked with ecosystem productivityYAOQI LI
Oral PaperFenologia Zamia encephalartoides D.W. StevJhon Alexander Carreño
Oral PaperDecline in Mycorrhizal Activity Decreases Foliar Micronutrients After Arctic Wildfire RecoveryNatalie Kashi
Oral PaperPopulation impacts of rarity under native grazers and changing climateSarah Herzog
Oral PaperFour range limit hypotheses tested in climate-manipulated common garden using natural accessions of Arabidopsis thalianaLaura Leventhal
Oral PaperPollen quality as a potential driver for bumble bee abundance and diversity in restored prairiesStephanie McFarlane
Oral PaperMicrosite influences on establishment of saguaro cacti on Tumamoc Hill, Tucson, ArizonaPeter Breslin
Oral PaperIntra- and inter- specific effects of epiphyte – epiphyte associations in a cloud forest in central MexicoElizabeth Victoriano-Romero
Oral PaperCome Hell or High Water: the Fate of Guzmania monostachia in Florida Rests with HumansShelby Krupar
Oral PaperCan detection dogs improve biosecurity by finding invasive plant hitchhikers vectored by global trade?Rima Lucardi
Oral PaperSeed mucilage as a defense against granivory is influenced by substrate charactersMadison Stessman
Oral PaperBison wallows bolster plant diversity and semi-aquatic habitat in tallgrass prairieBess Bookout
Oral PaperPatterns of Dispersal Syndromes on Gypsum OutcropsKate Madsen
Oral PaperWhat limits rare endemics? Testing the Center-Periphery hypothesis for occurrence and fitness.Anna Wyngaarden
Oral PaperNature’s Velcro: Untangling Drivers of Complex Trichome Diversification in Mentzelia (Loasaceae)Rosemary Glos
Oral PaperSoil Generalist Erysimum capitatum Shows Differential Adaptation to Serpentine Soil of Origin Across a California Latitudinal GradientCharlotte Miranda
Oral PaperExamining the effects of elevated [CO2] and temperature on plant performance and physiology in a perennial forbDerek Denney
Oral PaperDoes expression of the auxin biosynthetic protein family YUCCA change during drought?Sam Pelletier
Oral PaperDrought impacts on sugar transport in three grapevine rootstocksRyan Stanfield
Oral PaperEcophysiological significance of photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency and nitrogen allocation in an orchid community in karst limestone regionMei Yang
Oral PaperHigh-throughput phenotyping with laboratory cold tolerance assaysJohn Butnor
Oral PaperThe effects of competition × drought interactions on above- and below-ground traits in sorghumShiran Ben-Zeev
Oral PaperWarming plus elevated CO2-induced leaf hyponasty in tomato may share chemical signaling pathways with shade avoidance and thermomorphogenesisMichael Thomas
Oral PaperAcclimation of functional traits drives biomass increases in leafy green species grown in aquaponicsCourtney Campany
Oral PaperQuantifying genetic variation in physiology and functional traits in subspecies of big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata) in a common garden setting.Spencer Roop
Oral PaperLife at the extreme: understanding how hydraulics constrain some of the longest living pines to unique elevational positionsSteven Augustine
Oral PaperUltrastructural modifications facilitated the initial steps in the evolution of C4 photosynthesis in Tribulus (Zygophyllaceae)Arthur Leung
Oral PaperA shift in the dominance of the xylem in hydrating Forsythia flowers could explain changes in freezing tolerance during floral developmentJessica Savage
Oral PaperVariations in Arctic Plant Form and Function under Climate Change in the Modern CenturyPaul Markley
Oral PaperQuantifying the physiological costs of flowers and their effects on whole-plant and ecosystem processesAdam Roddy
Oral PaperVariation in mycorrhizal response traits across plant species and fungal isolatesKatie Stahlhut
Oral PaperMorphological and anatomical responses of Capsicum annuum L. as influenced by industrial effluents.Ogochukwu Okanume
Oral PaperIntraspecific Variation in Leaf Functional Traits in a Widespread Manzanita SpeciesAngela Buehlman
Oral PaperResilience to heat stress in natural accessions from contrasting climates, as well as in CRISPR-gene edited, high oleic acid lines, of the emerging oilseed plant pennycress (Thlaspi arvense: Brassicaceae).Nikhil Jaikumar
Oral PaperRole of stem photosynthesis and elevated CO2 on the drought response of a late-successional Neotropical tree speciesEleinis Avila-Lovera
Oral PaperInspiring Environmental Stewardship in an Urban Landscape by Increasing Science Accessibility, and Building CommunityTohmi Barrett
Oral PaperThe Hand Lens: Connecting Citizens with Cryptogamic CommunitiesAmanda Chandler
Oral PaperBudburst: Using community science in schools and with community organizationsEmma Oschrin
Oral PaperTeaching botany students how to identify wildflowers and grass-like plants in the winter condition: A simple three-step process that uses a multiple access visual keyBob Noyd
Oral PaperUsing General Interest Science Books to Arouse Student Interest and to Substitute for an Introductory Textbook.Marshall Sundberg
Oral PaperThe Leo A. Galloway Herbarium at Missouri Western State University- showcasing floral specimens from North West Missouri and adjacent areas to build an educational and research toolTilottama Roy
Oral PaperOutreach and Publicity: The Ancillary (and Often Overlooked) Benefits of Canine Detection for Plant Detection, Biosecurity, and Early Detection and Rapid Response (EDRR).Peter Coppolillo
Oral PaperTeaching botany students the light reactions of photosynthesis: Applying the principles of cognitive load theory for more effective learning.Bob Noyd
Oral PaperHelping college students disentangle pollination, fertilization, and seed dispersalDianne Anderson
Oral PaperSeeing and questioning plants - a botanical perspective on nature journaling at the college levelLena Struwe
Oral PaperCommunicating the Effects of Toxic Plant Genera to Cat OwnersAmelia Schmidt
Oral PaperAn experiential learning approach to engage diverse student groups with climate change issues: Clarkia Miocene fossil flora as an exampleTaylor Vahey
Oral PaperThe 73rd Annual Spring Wildflower Pilgrimage in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Sevyn Brothers* and Joey Shaw, University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, Chattanooga, Tennessee.Sevyn Brothers
Oral PaperTesting the link between specialized metabolite profiles and medicinal use across CaryophyllalesAlex Crum
Oral PaperThe Cultural Importance of Mushrooms and Foraged FoodsAmy Wrobleski
Oral PaperAn overview of plant poisoning trends in Virginia: domestic animal cases from 2001 - 2021Kiya Rahn
Oral PaperFiber optics: decoding plant choice for felted-fiber products like barkcloth, paper, and amateJames Ojascastro
Oral PaperUnderstanding ethnobotanical, chemical, and genetic diversity in the edible/medicinal/toxic plant Dysphania ambrosioides in GuatemalaTabitha Faber
Oral PaperBark Anatomy, Proximate, Elemental and In-vitro Anti-sickling Analysis of Bark Extracts of the Three Khaya Species found in NigeriaOLOLADE Oyedapo
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Oral PaperMacroevolutionary patterns in flower and fruit colorsMiranda Sinnott-Armstrong
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Oral PaperThe Stripping of the Altars: Divergence time estimation and the stray from biological realismStephen Smith
Oral PaperA geometric model for floral investment and form makes evolutionarily informative predictionsEric LoPresti
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Oral PaperA Hidden Markov framework for estimating substitute rate heterogeneity in flowering plant divergence time estimationJeremy Beaulieu
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Oral PaperPharmacological intervention of Russula sp.Muhammad Hanif
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Oral PaperPhylogenomic investigation of Botrytis metabolic diversificationJordan Dowell
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Oral PaperA complex megasporophyll from the Late Cretaceous of North America reveals a novel type of seed enclosure in gymnospermsAndres Elgorriaga
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Oral PaperExpanding the diversity of early woody euphyllophytes: new specimens from the Early Devonian of Gaspé (Quebec, Canada)Emma Casselman
Oral PaperProbing the origin and evolution of periderm: what can extant plants and the fossil record tell us?Madison Lalica
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Oral PaperA rare anatomically-preserved lycopod macrofossil from the Triassic of AntarcticaMeg Nibbelink
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Oral PaperGrasses: Can we tell Bamboos in the Fossil Record?Melanie DeVore
Oral PaperExamining points of phylogenetic conflict between organelles across the plant tree of lifeKarolis Ramanauskas
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Oral PaperEukaryotic metagenomic identification: “off label” bioinformatics for mixed botanical samplesLiz Hunter
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Oral PaperPhylogeography of an endemic Himalayan-Tibetan-Hengduan lineage of Lonicera (Caprifoliaceae)Mansa Srivastav
Oral PaperPhylogenomics and evolution of Lobelia sect. Lobelia (Campanulaceae)Grant Godden
Oral PaperResolving taxonomic uncertainty and clarifying species boundaries in the Cymopterus terebinthinus species complex.Annie Taylor
Oral PaperPhylogenomic and Phylotranscriptomic Analyses of Whole Genome Duplications in Large Angiosperm Groups and Families with Implication on Functional EvolutionTaikui Zhang
Oral PaperCaught in the Act: Incipient Speciation at the Southern limit of Viburnum in the Central AndesCarlos Maya-Lastra
Oral PaperNew Compositae specific probe set tackles paralog issues in the complex genus Packera (Senecioneae; Asteraceae)Erika Moore-Pollard
Oral PaperPhylogenomic and species delimitation of a Polygonatum odoratum complexTae-Young Choi
Oral PaperIdentifying serpentine adaptation genes by tracing evolutionary-genomic historyKasuni Daundasekara
Oral PaperThe character evolution of the genus Burmannia (Burmanniaceae)Supakan Simachai
Oral PaperPreliminary phylogenomic and morphometric analyses fail to find support for the taxonomic circumscription of the Endangered Kern mallow (Eremalche parryi subsp. kernensis; Malvaceae)C. Matt Guilliams
Oral PaperPhylogenetic and biogeographic patterns in sequencing deficiency across vascular plantsDaniel Spalink
Oral PaperThe effect of mating system and polyploidy on discordance and reticulation in DroseraceaeRebekah Mohn
Oral Paperresolving the complex evolutionary history of North American shrub willows (Salix L.)Natascha Wagner
Oral PaperIntegrated phylogenomic and ecological analyses of the Vitis cinerea species complex reveal geographic isolation, ecological differentiation and hybridization impacting species diversification in North AmericaAlicia Talavera Júdez
Oral PaperHybphaser was effective in resolving phylogenetic relationships in the Perennial Endemic North American Clade of ApiaceaePhebian Odufuwa
Oral PaperCracking the Code of the calabash tribe: A Target Sequence Capture Approach to Unraveling the Origins and Evolution of Crescentieae (Bignoniaceae)Betsabé Castro Escobar
Oral PaperDisentangling the Relationships between Paleopolyploidy Events and Arctic-Alpine Adaptations in the CaryophyllaceaeKeyi Feng
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Oral PaperThe evolution of petaloidy in CaryophyllaceaeRiley Rees
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Oral PaperRampant chloroplast capture in Sarracenia revealed by plastome phylogenyEthan Baldwin
Oral PaperPhylogenetics and species delimitation of the Pinus Oocarpae clade using low copy nuclear genesDavid Gernandt
Oral PaperPatterns of morphological and molecular variation provide insights into the systematics and evolution of Rhododendron’s ‘Hardy Mountaineers’Ryan Fuller
Oral PaperPhylogenetic relationship and phenotypic evolution in the carnivorous plant Pinguicula L.Yunjia Liu
Oral PaperThe next phase of Angiosperms353: improved targets, mixed DNA, and bioinformatics resourcesMatt Johnson
Oral PaperA plan for large scale restoration of damaged seagrass communities.Arthur Schwarz
Oral PaperMulberry genes as a promising tool for enhancing crop resilience to environmental stressesHari Meena
Oral PaperPhotosynthetic performance in heterotrophic Cuscuta (Convolvulaceae) is modulated by phylogeny and ontogenyAdam Schneider
Oral PaperIn vitro propagation of Afzelia africana Sm. Ex. Pers.Ejeoghene Ogbimi
Oral PaperBlue Carbon Sequestration from seagrass and mangroves in the Gulf of Mexico and Lower Caribbean basins: An Overview.Arthur Schwarz
Oral PaperAluminum toxicity in Solanum macrocarponEmmanuel Kalu
Oral PaperJuglans regia photosynthetic performance under natural heat wavesMina Momayyezi
Oral Paperdegradation of rice bran during storageMuhammad Rashid
Oral PaperGlucosinolate content in clubroot-resistant and susceptible rutabaga (Brassica napus) cultivars in response to clubroot diseaseHarleen Kaur
Oral PaperQuantifying chemodiversity as a way of understanding the ecological function of phytochemicalsHampus Petrén
Oral PaperChemical, genetic, and morphological characterization of the floral scent and scent releasing structures of Gynandropsis gynandra (Cleomaceae, Brassicales)Brandi Zenchyzen
Oral PaperTowards capturing global metabolic responses through -omics approachesElizabeth Mahood
Oral PaperPredicting enzyme functions: A case study using BAHD acyltransferasesGaurav Moghe
Oral PaperHyperspectral prediction of volatile organic compound mediated responses across the genus HelianthusJordan Dowell
Oral PaperPost-secretory synthesis of a natural analog of iron-gall ink in the black nectar of Melianthus spp.Evin Magner
Oral Paper2 does not equal 4: Variance dissimilarities in mixed-ploidy genomic data cause irregular patterns in PCA and other clustering analysesTrevor Faske
Oral PaperGenetic Structure and Diversity of “algarrobo” (Neltuma pallida) from the Dry Forest of Northern Peru based on SNP markersCarlos Arbizu
Oral PaperChloroplast diversity and relationships between Johnsongrass (Sorghum halepense) and sorghum (Sorghum bicolor)Michael McKain
Oral PaperRapid adaptation following the worldwide introduction of cosmopolitan weedNic Kooyers
Oral PaperSalicornia depressa: genomics of a highly salt and metal tolerant plantBrook Moyers
Oral PaperEvolutionary history and population genetics of an endangered plant species (Amsonia tharpii) across a fragmented landscapeDylan Cohen
Oral PaperPitcher sages in peril? A conservation genomics study of Lepechinia rossii (Ross’s pitcher sage)@RPComito Comito
Oral PaperGenome-enabled approaches for elucidating the evolutionary history and spatial genetic structure of Guzmania monostachia (Bromeliaceae) in FloridaGrant Godden
Oral PaperTranslating RADseq data into genetically informed conservation strategies for functionally extinct in the wild cycadsMaia Jones
Oral PaperEcological Bastion and Iconic Cultural Food: Conservation Genomics of the Argan TreeMadeline Slimp
Oral PaperDefining gene flow within Sabal minor to understand trunk diversityAyress Grinage
Oral PaperIt’s A Small World After All: Applying library miniaturization and “microhaplotypes” to plant population genomic researchMadison Bullock
Oral PaperCapricious chromosomes: Influence of polyploidy on morphology, reproductive strategies and genetic differentiation amongst varieties of Rhodohypoxis baurii (Hypoxidaceae).Bianca Ferreira
Oral PaperBromus tectorum center of genetic diversityStephen Novak
Oral PaperDoes size really matter? Implications of small population size for rare plantsAndrew Davies
Oral PaperConservation genomics of an endangered Asteraceae (Deinandra increscens subsp. villosa) native to the Central Coast of CaliforniaSusan McEvoy
Oral PaperFlowering time adaptation in Yellowstone's geothermal mosaicColette Berg
Oral PaperPopulation genetics in Astragalus lentiginosusMichael Grillo
Oral PaperReconstructing the invasion history of Microstegium vimineum using plastid genome sequencing and herbariomicsCameron Corbett
Oral PaperPossible cryptic species in widespread Abronia fragrans complex speciesSherese Price
Oral PaperMating system and life history: estimating selfing rates in annual and perennial species of Calyptridium (Montiaceae)Anri Chomentowska
Oral PaperAssessment of the Genetic Diversity and Population Structure of the Peruvian Andean Legume, Tarwi (Lupinus mutabilis), with High Quality SNPsCarlos Arbizu
Oral PaperAll Tangled Up: Unraveling reticulation and karyotype evolution in the vining ferns LygodiumJessie Pelosi
Oral PaperEcological correlates and evolution of adaptive traits in the fern genus Pleopeltis (Polypodiaceae)Sarah Morris
Oral PaperDispersal of ferns by mountain gorillas (Gorilla beringei beringei)Melanie DeVore
Oral PaperGenetic Mechanisms of Sex Determination in Ceratopteris richardiiKatelin Burow
Oral PaperA systematic revision of the Athyrium filix-femina species complex in the AmericasBertrand Black
Oral PaperThe ferns and lycophytes of Honey Island, Paraná, BrazilFernando Matos
Oral PaperA phylogenomic study of Elaphoglossum provide new insights and highlight persistent challenges in the study of diverse tropical fern groupsWeston Testo
Oral PaperTaxonomic revision of the Petiolatum Clade (Elaphoglossum, Dryopteridaceae)Ana Martinez
Oral PaperEvolution and hybridization in the endemic Hawaiian fern, Polypodium pellucidumJonas Mendez-Reneau
Oral PaperMicrobial endophyte diversity in Louisiana lycophytesJustyn Koenig
Oral PaperIs Hawaiian Doryopteris (Pteridaceae) an incipient adaptive radiation?Carrie Tribble
Oral PaperDiscovering Parablechnum: a complex evolutionary history within the youngest fern family.Sonia Molino
Oral PaperAn updated phylogeny of athyriid ferns (Athyriaceae: Polypodiales) focused on recalcitrant speciesJulia Hobbie
Oral PaperFrond dimorphism in Tectaria ferns: trends of their foliar characteristics and spore investmentYou-Wun Hwang
Oral PaperPhased HybSeq Data Provides Further Support for Reticulate Allopolyploid Evolution within the Notholaenid Desert Fern clade (Pteridaceae).David Adelhelm
Oral PaperSeed-free Synteny: A history of genomic stasis in homosporous ferns and lycophytesDavid Wickell
Oral PaperFinding the hidden quillwort: identifying cryptic species in Isoëtes using an integrative systematic approach.Forrest Freund
Oral PaperA morphometric analysis of western sword fern (Polystichum munitum) pinnae and pinnae scales across the coast redwood forest ecological gradientLacey Benson
Oral PaperMultiscale drivers of polyploid plant ecologychristopher krieg
Oral PaperThe evolutionary history and morphological basis of Penstemon’s personate flowersTrinity Depatie
Oral PaperThe historical sequence of pollinator shifts and range expansion in the origin of Aeschynanthus acuminatus (Gesneriaceae)Jing-Yi Lu
Oral PaperA War Within: Modeling gene conflict between life stages in land plants with shadieElissa Sorojsrisom
Oral PaperProximate Causes and Ultimate Consequences of Self-incompatibility in CactaceaeBoris Igic
Oral PaperPollinators’ Flower Color Selection is Influenced by Sexual Dichromatism in Rare Cacti SpeciesScarlet Steele
Oral PaperDevelopmental evidence for parental conflict in driving Mimulus species barriersGabrielle Sandstedt
Oral PaperCombining citizen science and field survey approaches to study floral color variation across a species' geographic rangeShu-Mei Chang
Oral PaperCombining citizen science and field survey approaches to study floral color variation across a species' geographic rangeShu-Mei Chang
Oral PaperPollen tube growth as a barrier to hybridization in Schiedea (Caryophyllaceae)John Powers
Oral PaperHeading for a breakdown: assessing evolution through the hybridization of two sexual systemsDiamanda Zizis
Oral PaperSex-based physiological differences in a native sex-changing tree speciesJennifer Blake-Mahmud
Oral PaperFloral scent differences within Nyctaginaceae correlate with shifts in mating system and pollinationEvan Hilpman
Oral PaperDo color polymorphisms reflect pollinator shifts?: Floral color, scent, and other traits as signals to a novel pollinator in two monkeyflower speciesKatie Wenzell
Oral PaperReproductive effort and reproductive success in dwarf bilberry in the Superior National ForestDavid Hainlen
Oral PaperInvestigating the stages of heterospecific pollen tube growth and arrest in an alpine plant communityRachel Cohen
Oral PaperAnnual chasmogamous and cleistogamous reproductive contributions in four mixed-breeding violetsSamuel Lockhart
Oral PaperPollination niche partitioning in buzz-pollinated MelastomataceaeAgnes Dellinger
Oral PaperIncreasing fire frequency and species compositional change in forests of the Western USdavid greene
Oral PaperPeople in the biodiversity knowledge graph and their roles in building the data connections we needErica Krimmel
Oral PaperDiscovering together "who dunnit?": building a borderless knowledge communityDeborah Paul
Oral PaperAn exception proves the rule: Lena Artz (1891–1976) and her legacy of botanical specimens.Andrea Weeks
Oral PaperProlific plant collectors and the HBCU legacy: Charles Parker as a case studyJanelle Burke
Oral PaperThe State of Herbarium Backlogs: Perspectives from Bryophyte CollectionsJessica Budke
Oral PaperContribution of abiotic and biotic soil factors to the strength of maize heterosisKayla Clouse
Oral PaperPrimary bacterial symbionts of creosote bushAbigail Ferson
Oral PaperP-LDH/BC as a controlled-release fertilizer: Effects on plant growth and the soil microbiomeTajinder Singh
Oral PaperDistinct components of floral scent and display predict pollination and seed predation in Castilleja sessilifloraEvan Hilpman
Oral PaperFuture directions for plant microbiome researchAnna Scharnagl
Oral PaperDo wet and dry ecotypes of a dominant grass grow better with their native soil microbes?Eli Hartung
Oral PaperThe effects of plant inbreeding on mutualismsIsabela Lima Borges
Oral PaperThe genetic basis of adaptive partner choice in the Medicago-Ensifer symbiosisAndres Gutierrez
Oral PaperThe impacts of florivorous fruit flies on Asteraceae in Capitol Reef National Park and its implications for restoration effortsJenna Miladin
Oral PaperLegacy effects of precipitation and land use impact maize growth and microbiome assembly under drought stressJoel Swift
Oral PaperVariation in synthetic floral microbiome composition is largely ignored by foraging bumblebeesNevin Cullen
Oral PaperImpacts of temperature and fur texture on the adherence of mucilaginous seedsElizabeth Waring
Oral PaperPartial mycoheterotrophy and fungal associations of Triphora trianthophoros, a rare North American orchidBrandon Corder
Oral PaperResponse of maize seedlings and their root-associated fungal communities to water deficit stress and water recoveryGregory Pec
Oral PaperPhylogenetic and spatial determinants of leaf endophyte microbiomes in the flowering plant HeucheraDexcem Pantinople
Oral PaperFoliar Morphology of SchleichereaeTemitope Onuminya
Oral PaperMorphology and placement of perennating organs play an important role in generic delimitation in subtribe MalaxidinaePankaj Kumar
Oral PaperPhylogenetic systematics of Vigna sensu stricto (Leguminosae, Fabaceae): the Old World VignaAshley Egan
Oral PaperPhylogenomics of African ImpatiensNora Gavin-Smyth
Oral PaperEvaluating the limits of Piper amalago L., a widespread Neotropical shrubCara Hastings
Oral PaperRevision of Sapindus sect. Sapindus (Sapindaceae)Alan Franck
Oral PaperSpecies delimitation in the Symphyotrichum subulatum group (Asteraceae) reveals a new species in central MéxicoSushil Dahal
Oral PaperDisentangling the evolutionary history of the tumbleweed crabgrassesJordan Nikkel
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Oral PaperPolyphyly within Abronia villosa (S. Watson): untangling the evolutionary history of the species and its alliesEli Allen
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Oral PaperBiogeography of the Caribbean endemic clade of Wittmackia (Bromeliaceae). Preliminary resultsNatalia Ruiz-Vargas
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Oral PaperPlants on the remote, oceanic island of Pohnpei have shifted to more autogamous breeding systems than their self-compatible mainland relativesViann Marie Yomai
PosterLiterature Review of the Patterns and Evolutionary Drivers of Island Plant-Pollinator SystemsGiulia de Gennaro
PosterChloroplast capture in a natural hybrid zone between Populus trichocarpa and P. balsamiferaBrianna Sutara
PosterThe long and the short of it: exploring the functional role of spore and pollen ornamentationMarco D'Ario
PosterHarnessing the Power of Community Science to Digitize the Plants of Texas: the Armchair Botanist ProgramAshley Bordelon
PosterLomatium & Friends: An Online MonographMary Ann Feist
PosterCome make your labels! Downloadable resources for botanical collectors and collectionsPaul Sokoloff
PosterBest Practices and Minimum Guidelines for Imaging Lichen Herbarium SpecimensEli Denzer
PosterToward a 3D Printed LaboratoryMason McNair
PosterCan environmental DNA generate additional data from herbarium specimens and contribute to the extended specimen network?Brenda Molano-Flores
PosterModernizing Washburn’s Herbarium Collection: Designing a Workflow to Grow Digital Shoots from Analog RootsJason Emry
PosterDigital information from herbaria for forest restoration in eastern AmazoniaFernando Matos
PosterImproving MaxEnt ecological niche models: assessment of some limitations and assumptions using virtual and real speciesGeraldine (Gerry) Allen
PosterBiogeography of C3-C4 evolutionary intermediates: insight into the selection environment for C4 photosynthesisBrett Kreinsen
PosterWringing out species boundaries in ringstems (Anulocaulis, Nyctaginaceae)Jake Balmuth
PosterPhenotypic plasticity in widespread plant species in the Neotropics: The case of Cavendishia bracteata (Ericaceae)Katherin Arango-Gomez
PosterA trait‐based approach to determining principles of plant biogeographyThais Vasconcelos
PosterExploration of gypsum soils in the Mojave Desert, U.S. via remote sensing technologyKatelyn Gobbie
Poster: Indicators of climate change: A comparison of the reproductive biology of Castilleja coccinea from 1833-2022 in glade and prairie habitats.Bermet Nurlan Kyzy
PosterA New Understanding of Vinealobryum eckeliae (Pottiaceae: Bryophyta)John McLaughlin
PosterTesting for evidence of cryptic species in the widespread moss Physcomitrium pyriformeAnij Mackey
PosterOne probe to unmask them allRaul Diaz San Roman
PosterLichens of Iller Creek: A checklist for the Iller Creek Unit, a division of Dishman Hills Conservation Area, Spokane Valley, WADevin Mumey
PosterDNA barcoding the bryophyte flora of British Columbia (Canada)Edward Sun
Postera bryoflora of the gifford pinchot national forestAiko Yamada
PosterUltramafic lichens: an ecological investigation of an understudied organism in a well-studied system.Michael Mulroy
PosterNovel Research into Bacterial Nitrogen Fixation in Vegetative Cells of Mosses and LiverwortsNicole Vaccaro
PosterGeography, climate and habitat shape the microbiome of the endangered rock gnome lichen (Cetradonia linearis)Julianna Paulsen
PosterProspects for obtaining RNA broadly across the plant tree of lifeAlexa Tyszka
PosterDraft genome of Grindelia ciliata (Asteraceae: Astereae)Abby Moore
PosterA high-quality nuclear genome of the carnivorous plant Triantha occidentalis (Tofieldiaceae)Philippa Stone
PosterNew reduced chloroplast genome structure in Mammillaria (Cactaceae)Juan Pablo Ortiz-Brunel
PosterIdentifying the sex determination system in Citrullus naudinianus, a dioecious melon, through analysis of a haplotype-resolved chromosomal genome assemblyJim Leebens-Mack
PosterPaando - A de novo transcriptome assembly tool for non-programmersMiles Woodcock-Girard
PosterComparative genomic analysis of two Boechera species highlights adaptation to the desert habitatTalieh Ostovar
PosterEvidence of interspecific hybridization and high genetic diversity in the federally endangered Deeringothamnus rugelii (Annonaceae) andChristine Edwards
PosterThe Relevance of Pedigree and Genomic-based Conservation Management to Exceptional Plant Species: A Case Study Using Amorphophallus titanumJustin Tutt
PosterMicropropagation of Lepidium papilliferum (slickspot peppergrass).Anne (Jenny) Knerr
PosterRehydrating an urban forested watershed: tree response to flow during the first decadeKatherine Castrillon
PosterEvaluation of Alnus maritima germination and viability for seed banking and conservationCatherine Borer
PosterUsing comparative genomics to elucidate the distribution and life histories of Jamesianthus alabamensis and related generaBrannan Cliver
PosterCan Lake Superior Arctic Relicts Survive the Anthropocene? Population Viability Analysis for Three Species Across Three YearsRyan Carlson
PosterPaxistima canbyi A. Gray (Celestraceae), a rare plant species of the Central Appalachian region of the United States: Preliminary assessment of threats using population genomicsIsaac Buabeng
PosterThe Impact of Burn Management on Biodiversity and Bloom Time in Urban Prairie SystemsJose Soto
PosterWho's your daddy? - finding the parents of cultivated BidensEvie Moellering
PosterPears (Pyrus, Rosaceae) as a Nutritional Source of FoodNina Baghai-Riding
PosterDiscovering the Genetic Basis of Rice Grain ShapeUZEZI OKINEDO
PosterAnalysis of Rare Vigna Species: Vigna kirkii and Vigna stenophyllaKaycie Melville
PosterAssessing the role of the NAM/CUC3 gene families in floral fusionNola Rettenmaier
PosterIntrafloral Variation in Stamens and Staminodes in Mentzelia (Loasaceae)Jenna McClure
PosterExpression of the YUCCA family of auxin biosynthetic genes in leaves of hybrid poplarRachel Spicer
PosterPatterns in monocot leaf architecture: a preliminary synthesis and proposal for standardized terminologySelena Smith
PosterShedding light on architectural development: The effects of light intensity on plant architecture and reproductive potential in Mimulus gemmiparusDeannah Neupert
PosterParallel evolution of corolla tube width shifts in PenstemonHaylee Nedblake
PosterBuilding a model system to study capitulum development and evolution in the AsteraceaeReid Selby
PosterThe effect of polyploidy and mating system on floral size and pollination niche in BrassicaceaeNathalia Susin Streher
PosterManagement Short-Term Implications on Lupinus perennis, Duff, and Supporting Vegetation in the Concord Pine BushHelena Mieras
PosterComposition and spatial distribution of invasive aliens and indigenous species in various vegetation physiognomies in Akure Forest Reserve, south west, Nigeria.AYOMIPOSI Akinkuolie
PosterLong-term seed viability in the emerging invasive species wavyleaf basketgrass (Oplismenus undulatifolius) in USA mid-Atlantic forestsCarrie Wu
PosterCommunity-scale trends in leaf traits across ecological succession in three forest types: implications for inferring functional composition of ancient plant communitiesAlexander Lowe
PosterEffects of leaf litter depth on seed germination of non-native bittersweet Celastrus orbiculatus in a Pennsylvania forestAmy Faivre
PosterA Plant Anatomical Investigation of Hydrocotyle bonariensis Comm. ex Lam. (Araliaceae)Nina Baghai-Riding
PosterEcology and conservation iof Adansonia digitataMonique Assongba
PosterEffects of genome size variation on germination success in big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata)Elizabeth Mandala
PosterEnvironmental niche and demographic modeling of American chestnut near its southwestern range limitRobert Laport
PosterChemical analysis of extrafloral nectar in western Australian Solanum tudununggae (Solanaceae) to explore possible ant-plant relationshipsKaitlin Henry
PosterGeographic analysis of sex chromosome polymorphism in the Virginia wild strawberryTrezalka Budinsky
PosterInvestigating the result of fungal pathogen competition on host-outcomes in complex disease ecological networksMINH TRAN
PosterFloral and pollinator trait variation in high-elevation meadows of the Madrean Sky IslandsLiliana Benitez
PosterThe effect of habitat fragmentation on reproductive isolation in a popuation of Asclepas tuberosamassie jones
PosterTerrestrial orchid Platanthera cooperi (Orchidaceae) utilizes different OMF partners at different development stages in response to temperature, and the origin of seedsSHAN WONG
PosterFruit Traits of Palicoureeae, a Tribe of Tropical Flowering PlantsAislinn Mumford
PosterA Citizen-Science Approach: Testing the Effect of Native and Non-Native Milkweed Species on Monarch (Danaus plexippus) Development in the Midwestern United StatesTheresa Culley
PosterPlant biodiversity and marsh migration in the coastal forest area of South CarolinaSiddhartha Regmi
PosterGreat Basin Native Forb Reciprocal Transplant Experiments with Rocky Mountain Research Station, BoiseNyika Campbell
PosterRoles of resource co-limitation and genome size during seedling establishment in big sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata)Treyton Harris
PosterHost preference in hemiparasitic plants: a case study in Pedicularis (Orobanchaceae) using herbarium label dataSamantha Kish-Levine
PosterInvasive plants in a changing climate. Do microbes aid success?Josh Leon
PosterRole of phenotypic plasticity in adaptive responses of a native winter annual (Collinsa verna)Emma Boehm
PosterWoody cover negatively affects diversity of the aboveground plant community and soil seedbank in central Texas.Peter Eludini
PosterHistorical climate change shifts flower shape and production of a common annual plant, Orange Jewelweed (Impatiens capensis)Amber Stanley
PosterLocal Adaptation of the Dominant Prairie Grass across the Midwest Rainfall Gradient: Decadal Patterns of Adaptation and Trait Variation in Response to DroughtJack Sytsma
PosterMyrteaeFruits: a dataset of fleshy fruited species from Neotropical MyrtaceaeHercilia Cunha
PosterDiversity and abundance of Orchids across various forest habitats in Chhotanagpur Plateau (Jharkhand, India)Pankaj Kumar
PosterAssessing fitness of a rare plant, buffalo clover (Trifolium reflexum), in response to environmental factorsIngrid Felsl
PosterEcological Selection for ‘Alternative Designs’ and its Contribution to Phenotypic IntegrationKristen Nolting
PosterPollinators Role in an Ongoing Speciation EventSam Ingram
PosterDelineating species using morphometric analysis methods among Coprosma foliosa complex populations in HawaiiErnani Balingasa
PosterUnderstory Shrub Community Composition of Mesic Hardwood Forests Influenced by Local Heterogeneity in Light and Soil EnvironmentsSamuel Anderson
PosterThe importance of ‘enemy release’, competition and intrinsic plant characteristics in the invasion success of Phragmites australisMartina Koniger
PosterA new high-throughput relative electrolyte leakage (HTREL) system for assessing plant cold toleranceJohn Butnor
PosterPhosphorus stress in common beanManuel Guzman
PosterEffects of stomatal size, spacing, and shape on water vapor diffusion through the leaf epidermisPaul Schulte
PosterThe effects of drought and intraspecific competition on the development and growth of cornBrian Maricle
PosterThe direction and extent to which the growth of plants in elevated CO2 affects root N-uptake rate is correlated with effects on root, but not shoot, N status.Scott Heckathorn
PosterHow do the form and function of flowers and leaves differ among tropical Mountain ecosystem species?Dario Paiva
PosterAn encroaching woody species (Cornus racemosa) does not alter gas exchange in response to drought as much as the dominant herbaceous species in a managed temperate grasslandKatherine Charton
PosterCommon bean yield prediction using remote sensingManuel Guzman
PosterMorphological and Physiological Differences between Rhododendron prunifolium and R. cumberlandenseHeavenLee Pagan
PosterGenetic variation in drought response across vegetative developmentErica Lawrence
PosterThe effect of flooding duration on aerenchyma formation in winter wheat rootsJoshua Brandel
Postermorphological and physiological adaptation in an ancient plant lineageZachary Smith
PosterLight and Moisture Content as Determinants of Photosynthetic Activity in Southern Appalachian Mosses from Open and Shaded HabitatsLeigha Henson
PosterDoes CAM explain C4-like d13C values in Bulnesia retama (Zygophyllaceae), a non-Kranz, non-succulent desert shrub?Daniel Mok
PosterResponses of Leaf Stomata to 50 Years of CO2 Increase Using Herbarium SpecimensJazlyn Salazar
PosterEffects of watering treatments on growth and development of important crop speciesTori Ott
PosterSeasonal Reproductive Rates of Dasysiphonia japonica: Implications for its Invasive SuccessBryce Hegstrom
PosterThe Next Generation: Receiving Mentorship in Herbarium Practices as an UndergraduateIzzy Hudson
PosterSomaliland Biodiversity Foundation - progress and plansMary Barkworth
PosterResearch experiences for pre-service teachers in biodiversity studiesMichael Grillo
PosterTeaching bioinformatics in an introductory level Botany courseFLONA REDWAY
PosterCommunity-Engaged Learning in a Plant Taxonomy ClassJames Cohen
PosterStudent Exploration of the Plastid GenomeSue Harley
PosterDo microbes help or hinder germination? A learning game designed by USDA-REEU undergraduate students to explore seed-endophyte interactionsJulie Beckstead
PosterMaximizing the impacts of inclusive CUREs from hypothesis to undergraduate conference participationMatt Johnson
PosterRole of Botany in an integrated scientific culture for the environmental educationMarina B. A Minoli, FRSB CSciTeach
PosterA map of perennial flowering plants and demographic analysis of the Zuber Cemetery in Rome, GA, USACatherine Borer
PosterA Poet and her Plants: An ethnobotanical and biochemical study of Monotropa uniflora from Emily Dickinson’s Herbarium.Senaa Mirza
PosterSocio-Economic impacts of Threaten Rattan species and Conservation ApproachesRONI SAHA
PosterDNA Barcoding of Hmong Postpartum HerbsAlex Crum
PosterEthnobotany and tropane alkaloid variation: A meta-analysis of chemical variation in the genus Datura.Lia Rabellino
PosterToward Genomic Resource for Ethnobotany of Lakota: Complete Chloroplast Genome of Artemisia ludoviciana subspecies ludoviciana  (Asteraceae)   Madhav Nepal
PosterDecolonizing Botanical Field and Lab Methodologies of the UVSC HerbariumTyler Shaver
PosterA Morphological Delineation of Pediomelum aromaticumLark Earl
PosterEvaluating the taxonomic status of Bromus rigidusZachary Oliver
PosterPhylogenetic analysis of Sceptridium (Ophioglossaceae) in Japan: dismantling the three subgenomes in hexaploidsSosuke Ishii
PosterThe Flora of Cape Bathurst and Baillie Island, Northwest Territories, CanadaPaul Sokoloff
PosterContributions towards a taxonomic revision of Loasaceae for "Flora de Chile"Rafael Acuna
PosterTranslating herbarium labels in different languages and different alphabetsMary Barkworth
PosterIs the widely-cultivated katsura-tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Cercidiphyllaceae) an invasion threat in Pennsylvania?Kayleigh Long
PosterA review of the woody bamboos (Poaceae: Bambusoideae: Bambuseae) of Trinidad and TobagoChristopher Tyrrell
PosterFloristic study of the Sudurpaschim province of NepalGauri Bhandari
PosterVascular plant, bryophyte, and lichen biodiversity of Agguttinni Territorial Park, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada, a new Arctic protected areaLynn Gillespie
PosterDeveloping Stable Plant Transformations in the Zingiberales: Pitfalls and ProgressHeather Phillips
PosterChromosome and Karyotype analysis of Menyanthes trifoliata by FISHKweon Heo
PosterEvaluating Regulatory Module Function within the Mitochondrial Pyruvate Dehydrogenase ComplexCaroline Keller
PosterBreeding Switchgrass: The genetics of mycorrhizal community assembly in an ecologically and economically important plant speciesKatie Stahlhut
PosterHybridization and coexistence in the wild mustard BoecheraKallol Mozumdar
PosterInvestigating underlying discordance and hybridization among nuclear phylogenies of Packera (Senecioneae; Asteraceae)Erika Moore-Pollard
PosterEvaluating genetic intermediacy of a naturally occurring hybrid blueberry, Vaccinium x marianumLaura George
PosterEvolutionary radiation and its drivers in Gypsophila (Caryophyllaceae)Hossein Madhani
PosterInvestigating the evolution of floral traits and fusion using herbarium specimens in Lonicera (Caprifoliaceae)Leann Janzekovich
PosterSystematics of the Genus Silphium (Family Asteraceae)Connor Root
PosterWhole-genome sequencing of an herbicide selection experiment identifies a chromosomal region associated with herbicide resistance in Eurasian watermilfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum L)Ryan Thum
PosterPicky Eaters: Metabolic Diversity Across the Botrytis GenusLori Pradhan
PosterNew species of Inosperma from West AfricaHyppolite Aignon
PosterBotrytis Cinerea growth and virulencejaisy huang
PosterThe Ectozoochorous Fungi of Icelandic Migratory BirdsCarly Russell
PosterImpacts on Growth of Linalool on B.Cinera IsolatesMelanie Madrigal
PosterLeaf shape as a climate proxy: do incomplete leaves retain a strong signal?Dana Royer
PosterPalynology of the Dennis Formation (Upper Pennsylvanian, Missouri, USA): proposal and preliminary data.Jonas May
PosterInsights into Climate Reconstruction From Palm Leaf TraitsMichael Machesky
PosterAn Estimate for Mean Annual Temperature of the Florissant Formation using Digital Leaf PhysiognomyFletcher Levy
PosterFloral Shifts in Relative Dominance, not Species Turnover, in the Pre-Angiosperm World: Palynological Evidence from the Yellow Cat Member, Cedar Mountain Formation, East Central Utah, USANina Baghai-Riding
PosterEcological Strategy of Pacific Northwest Forests During the Miocene Climatic OptimumMelanie Cham
PosterLate Eocene wood assemblages from the Crooked River Basin, OregonElisabeth Wheeler
PosterMacro- and microfossil analysis of the P-40 locality of the Lake Clarkia Fossil BedsIan Spendlove
PosterUsing Leaf δ13C to Assess Water Use Efficiency within Plant Communities Across a Successional Gradient in Temperate and Tropical ForestsJosephine Meier
PosterA Fossil Perspective on Cenozoic Genome Size Evolution in GinkgoBryton Smith
PosterA new North American calibration for predicting canopy structure in deep time using epidermal phytolith morphologyBrielle Ann Canares
PosterFirst evidence of anisotomous dichotomy in Stigmaria ficoidesMichael D'Antonio
PosterEcosystem disrupting harmful algal blooms of Prymnesium parvum consist of multiple cryptic speciesNathan Watervoort
PosterPhylogeny of Carex based on 71 plastid genesSe-eun Jung
PosterAdvances in the systematics of Melocactus Link & Otto genus (Cactaceae) using a genomic approach.Milena Telhe
PosterA New Recipe for Echinacea Phylogenetic Analysis Utilizing Nuclear DataChazz Jordan
PosterCharacterizing conflict and congruence of molecular evolution across organellar genome sequences for phylogenetics in land plantseric bretz
PosterDefining the morphological differences of ecotypes of Sida fallaxJosephine Collier
PosterPlastome phylogeny for the native Hawaiian lobeliads (Campanulaceae: Lobelioideae): implications for interisland dispersal events within the Hawaiian archipelago and origin of the lobeliads of the South Pacific via long-distance dispersalBing Li
PosterEnvironmental, Phylogenetic, and Morphological Investigations of Tropical to Temperate Transitions in PrunusSundre Winslow
PosterPhylogenetic reconstruction of Genisteae (Fabaceae): a look at quinolizidine alkaloid distributionSarah Hunter
PosterGenome size variation among Rhododendron (Ericaceae) and implications for leaf anatomy and functionArezoo Dastpak
PosterUptake of microcystin-LR in tomato occurs via diffusional pathways and is not mediated by specific nitrogen transportersClare Muller
PosterCAM (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism) photosynthesis in Native Hawaiian PeperomiaG Young Kim
PosterRoot architecture and biochemical response of soybean under drought stressIdowu Obisesan
PosterBotrytis cinerea energy investment in Secondary MetabolitesJulia Cook
PosterIntraspecific variation in hydraulic traits of cycads: environmental correlation and conservation implicationsNicolas Zepeda
PosterEffects of Inorganic Salt Solutions on Vigour, Viability, Oxidative Metabolism and Germination Enzymes in Aged Cabbage and Lettuce SeedsAdemola Adetunji
PosterGrowth of Platanthera dilatata Orchid Seeds with Different Nitrogen SourcesSofia Baez
PosterRe-examining the functional significance of betalainsGeorge Garnett
PosterPhytochemical compounds from Eucalyptus with herbicidal activityJayani Wathukarage
PosterRelaxed purifying selection is observed in genes at the branches of the flavonoid biosynthetic pathway in Nicotiana species that do not produce anthocyanins compared to those that doAbigail McCoy
PosterConvergence and constraint in glucosinolate evolution across the BrassicaceaeAmanda Agosto Ramos
PosterLeveraging comparative phylogenetics to explore the evolution of cuticular waxes in the succulent genus KalanchoeNicole Groth
PosterIdentification of novel genetic markers for the southeastern azalea, Rhododendron prunifolium (Ericaceae)Isabella Soto
PosterComplex and Cryptic: Giant Rat’s Tail Grass (Sporobolus pyramidalis) in the Southeastern United StatesEmma Edmondson
Posterbetween two dunes investigating the demographic history of penstemon haydeniiErin Bentley
PosterResistance gene evolution in the Hawaiian Metrosideros radiationHossein Madhani
Postersimulating impacts of novel transcription factor recruitment on enzymatic diversificationGabriel Jones
PosterPopulation genetics and breeding system estimation of four mixed breeding and one exclusively chasmogamous species of ViolaSamuel Lockhart
PosterPopulation structure in invasive Blue Mustard (Chorispora tenella)Kathryn Turner
PosterPopulation genetic consequences of fragmentation across native prairie remnants: a case study using Helianthus maximilianiKyra LoPiccolo
PosterSpatiotemporal variation in transposable element content across the invasive and native ranges of Microstegium vimineumDhanushya Ramachandran
PosterUsing methylation-dependent restriction digests to reduce repetitive element representation in whole genome sequencingFae Bramblepelt
PosterExtreme clonality across space and time in edge-of-range populations of the seagrass, Halodule wrightiiMeghan Ford
PosterConservation genetics in the endangered whorled sunflower Helianthus verticillatus (Asteraceae)Samantha Drewry
PosterPigweeds on the Move: Tracing the Californian Invasion of Palmer amaranth (Amaranthus palmeri)Kristine Fajardo
PosterCentral California’s Checker Lilies: Exploring the Diversity of Fritillaria Species through Population GeneticsAndrew Cardenas
PosterMicrosatellite Variation and Local Adaptation in Common MilkweedSoren Brauuner
PosterTriploids, Tetraploids, and Hexaploids, Oh My! Cogongrass Ploidy Distribution Throughout the Invaded RangeElizabeth Esser
PosterLimited gene flow and genetic drift effects over an endemic bromeliad from the Atlantic Forest altitudinal gradientTami Cacossi
PosterWhole Genome Sequencing and Inferred Roles of MADS-Box Genes in Sex Determination in Red Mulberry (Morus rubra)  Madhav Nepal
PosterUncovering the Population Structure of Florida’s Threatened Pine-Pink (Bletia purpurea) OrchidBethany Simpson
PosterAssociation of selective sweeps and multi-trait associated genomic regions in cultivated Helianthus annuusSamantha Leano
Postertowards understanding the evolution of gene expression in gametophytes of mycoheterotrophic ferns and lycophytesMarielle Wilson
PosterA preliminary report of the genome of the invasive climbing fern, Lygodium microphyllumJessie Pelosi
PosterDoes Mutation Pressure Predict Polyploid Speciation? Testing the Neutral Model in FernsThomas Buchloh
PosterCoexistence of two congeneric species of bracken (Pteridium) in a zone of overlapJeffrey Dosdall
PosterA Western viewpoint on the extreme Palearctic separation of Woodwardioideae ferns.Sonia Molino
PosterEvaluating Population-Specific Variability in Reproductive Investment in Fraxinus nigra Across its North American RangeMelissa Lehrer
PosterA healthy pollinator conservation resource: A comparative study of the reproductive biology of Asclepias syriaca in urban vs rural populationsIbrahim Ahmed
PosterCloudy with a chance of floral responses: rainfall induced anther closure and color change in Ripariosida hermaphrodita (Malvaceae)Emily Humphreys
PosterThe Role of Plant-Soil Feedbacks in Structuring the Microbiome of Native LegumesCian Dotson
PosterResilience Through Complementarity: Assessing the Compatibility of Corn, Bean, and Squash Root Architecture, Exudates, and Soil Associated Microbes in the Three Sisters PolycultureBailey Kretzler
PosterSoil bacteria affect male induction, rhizoid development, and male to hermaphrodite conversion in gametophytes of the fern Ceratopteris richardiiMike Ganger
PosterAntagonistic activity is observed from seed endophytes: A potential tool to aid seeds in establishment during restorationAlexandrite Greenhouse
PosterAssessing pollinator assembly and efficacy across species ranges in the genus Triodanis (Campanulaceae)Kate Tillotson
PosterNon-Native Plants and Caterpillar Immune SystemsMason Hoffman
PosterCharacterizing Temporal Changes in Microbial Diversity in Herbarium Specimens from Guadalupe Mountains National ParkMara Hosaka
PosterElucidating host-microbe symbiosis impacts on host genetic diversity through a long-term studyMaya Shamsid-Deen
PosterInvestigating the differences of Cirsium pitcheri’s floral scent according to the predation of novel weevil, Larinus planusRina Talaba
PosterExploring Plant-Bee Relationships in Desert Biomes for Biodiversity Conservation and Ecosystem ServicesJared Miller
PosterRelationship of Virulence and Diet Complexity of Botrytis cinerea Over Generational TimeAngela Gao
PosterEffects of colonization by arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on Artemisia tridentata seedlings responses to drought under field and greenhouse conditionsMarcelo Serpe
PosterUnraveling the Taxonomic Classification of the Tolowa wallflower (Brassicaceae: Erysimum), a dune endemic of the California North CoastCameron Jones
PosterRe-examining the classification of the Pitcairnia (Bromeliaceae) species complex from the Dominican RepublicNatalia Ruiz-Vargas
PosterReproductive Phenology of Species of Hackelia from Western North AmericaJames Cohen
PosterUnraveling the Allopolyploid Origins of Eutrema edwardsiiTiffany Gentry
PosterPhylogenomics of the genus Asparagus reveals many instances of paraphyly with narrowly distributed taxa nested within locally widespread species complexesPhilip Bentz
PosterMorphological Variation and Dioecy in Mesoamerican Solanum sect. Anarrhichomenumjacob bryant
PosterUnlocking the evolution of different sexes in the Hawaiian endemic SchiedeaMichael Moore
PosterA molecular phylogeny of the genus Melica (Poaceae: Pooideae)Mark Mullinger
PosterSystematics of the eastern Asian-North American disjunct genus Physocarpus (Rosaceae)Audrey Spencer
PosterVerifying the Taxonomic Validity and Resolving the Subspecific Boundaries of the Lomatium foeniculaceum ComplexDaniel Botello
PosterFruits of Burseraceae—diagnostic traits and their recognition in the fossil record.Steven Manchester
PosterPainting a picture of paintbrush evolution: Species delimitation in Castilleja cusickii Greenm. (Orobanchaceae)Caroline Brose
PosterUntangling the Genus Haploësthes (Asteraceae): A Story of Gypsophile SpeciationKonrad Oman
PosterOptimizing the lysis step in CTAB DNA extractions of silica-dried and herbarium leaf tissuesJamie Carey
PosterThe floral diversity of Symbolanthus (Gentianaceae) – adaptations and variations in neotropical ring-gentiansLena Struwe
PosterA Hyb-Seq approach to species delimitation and hybridization in AndinocleomeHenry Landis
PosterMolecular Systematics and Biogeography of Dieteria (Asteraceae: Astereae)David Morgan
PosterDelimitation and Distribution of Magnolia sect. Talauma in BrazilJuliana Barbosa
PosterRe-evaluating Sabal louisiana: Is the absence of an aboveground stem enough evidence to justify splitting two growth forms into different species? keily peralta
PosterExploring the secondary head trait in AsteraceaeSerena Blais
PosterReading between, across, and under the lines: how to interpret molecular data in a group that resists straightforward interpretationAlexa DiNicola
PosterPatterns in northward movements of southern plant species in New JerseyFitzwilliam Dettmer
PosterHeterospecific pollen transfer effect on pollination success in a tropical biodiverse communityNathalia Susin Streher
PosterQuantifying and Testing for Leaf Venation Patterns Within Araceae.Malinda Barberio
Special LecturesFloristics of Southwestern IdahoDon Mansfield
Special LecturesUnlocking collections-based systematics in the new age of discovery and big dataJun Wen
Special LecturesFinding the joy—tall tales of a plant lover.Brenda Molano-Flores
Special LecturesPlant fitness and local adaptation in a rapidly changing climate: Insights from an alpine wildflower, Boechera stricta.Jill Anderson
Special LecturesUp all night to understand the evolution of CAM photosynthesisKarolina Heyduk
SymposiaRole of environment in establishment of subgenome dominance in allopolyploidsJordan Brock
SymposiaHow spectral biology and remote sensing can inform biodiversity management and conservationJeannine Cavender-Bares
SymposiaConifer leaf traits across six living collections show plasticity in over 30 conifer speciesRandy Long
SymposiaSimulating pollen dispersal and field sampling constraints helps revise seed sampling recommendations for conserving genetic diversityKaylee Rosenberger
SymposiaTowards a holistic view of conservation: A case study in cycadschristopher krieg
SymposiaCascading impacts of defaunation on seed dispersal and pollinationHaldre Rogers
SymposiaDeciphering the Mechanisms that Drive Changes in Flowering Time in Response to Rising CO2 Joy Ward
SymposiaConsequences of earlier flowering in a warming worldMegan DeMarche
SymposiaEffects of global land use change on female and male reproduction in angiospermsMauricio Quesada
SymposiaGlobal Change Wildcards and Plant ReproductionRowan Sage
SymposiaExploring the Possible Role of Hybridization in the Evolution of Photosynthetic Pathways in Flaveria (Asteraceae), the Prime Model of C4 Photosynthesis EvolutionDiego Morales-Briones
SymposiaReticulate evolution across time scales in AsteraceaeJennifer Mandel
SymposiaFastNet: Fast and accurate statistical inference of phylogenetic networks using large-scale genomic sequence dataKevin Liu
SymposiaPitfalls of popular computational methods to understand reticulate evolutionSungsik Kong
SymposiaPhylogenetic inference of whole-genome duplication from allo- and autopolyploidy, without complete sampling and with extinctionHuw Ogilvie
SymposiaOverview of phylogenetic networksClaudia Solis-Lemus
SymposiaQuantitative genomics of resistance and virulence in the interaction of Botrytis cinerea with eudicotsDaniel Kliebenstein
SymposiaUnraveling soybean defense mechanism to sclerotinia stem rotAshish Ranjan
SymposiaDiscovery and ecological relevance of specialized metabolites for crop protectionKira Tiedge
SymposiaChanges in plant chemical traits across space and time mediate interactions with fruit consumersAnnika Nelson
SymposiaThe complex ecology of glucosinolate variation in a wild perennial mustardMaggie Wagner
SymposiaEven more hidden figures in biodiversity specimen collections: Tracking agent contributions in SymbiotaKatie Pearson
SymposiaDigital data sleuthing and storytelling as tools to engage students with the unsung heroes of natural history collectionsShawn Krosnick
SymposiaLet the records show: attribution of scientific credit in natural history collectionsRebecca Dikow
SymposiaConnecting historic and contemporary botanists to their specimens through BionomiaDavid Shorthouse
SymposiaStrategies to enhance and sustain an established cyberinfrastructureZack Murrell
SymposiaIntroduction to “The Ploid Thickens: Methodological developments, empirical advances, and remaining challenges in polyploid phylogenetics,” and a case study in the moss SyntrichiaJenna Ekwealor
SymposiaHow does fractionation occur in ferns following whole genome duplication?Sylvia Kinosian
SymposiaPloidy obscura: facing unknown levels of polyploidy in a Castilleja species complex.Sarah Jacobs
SymposiaPopulation Dynamics of Polyploids: Testing the Mechanisms of grassland expansion in MadagascarGeorge Tiley
SymposiaOvercoming phylogenomic challenges of nested polyploidy events in Glycine using genome-wide dataJacob Landis
SymposiaUsing the SORTER pipeline to unravel reticulation complexes in ferns: Examples from Polypodium and SalviniaErin Sigel
SymposiaIntroduction to “The Ploid Thickens: Methodological developments, empirical advances, and remaining challenges in polyploid phylogenetics,” and a case study in the moss SyntrichiaJenna Ekwealor
SymposiaThe role of whole genome duplications in the evolution of major angiosperm lineagesStephen Smith
SymposiaPhylogenomic and Phylotranscriptomic Analyses of Whole Genome Duplications in Large Angiosperm Groups and Families with Implication on Functional EvolutionTaikui Zhang
SymposiaRosaceae phylogenomics/phylotranscriptomics provide insights into whole genome duplication and implication on character evolutionHong Ma
SymposiaPeach Leaf Curl DiseaseAtta Ur Rehman
WorkshopA Workshop to Form a Working Group to Summarize New Taxa of Vascular Plants and Bryophytes in North America, 1995-2019.Neil Snow
WorkshopPlanting Inquiry in Biology ClassroomsMuriel Poston
WorkshopNational Science Foundation Proposal Writing WorkshopJudy Stone